Friday, May 14, 2010

VNA News

May 16th, 2010 - Upcoming releases in June and July

The Audio Cassette Rapist - Tape Rape: Volume One - This is perhaps a "one off" project of Churner. Take a "How To Speak Spanish" it through various processors (molesting) it through even more processors...and you have Tape Rape: Volume One. This release pays tribute to the RRRecords "Recycled" Series in a lot of ways. All copies will be dubbed onto used cassettes with used boxes. Limited to 25 copies featuring exotic "silver" tape artwork.

Churner / NRYY - Japamericanese Noise Destruction Seminar (cdr) - 72 minutes of extreme violent noise from Churner and NRYY. Speaker damage will more than likely occur....but play it loud anyway to get the full effect. Limited to 30 copies

Play Motel - selftitled (C-10 double tape set) Limited to 30 copies

Mongrel - tba (3" cdr in a 12" cardboard record sleeve, "over the top" does not even start to describe this) Limited to 25 copies.

Churner - Throbbing Silencer (C-47 tape)

Churner - The Eyes Starred Back At Me (cdr)

Churner / Aural Resusitation Unit - split (C-10 tape)

The Catastrophic Trio / tba - split (C-10 tape)

Circuit Wound / Hostage Pageant - split (cdr)

Churner / Hostage Pageant - split (cdr)


There will also be a FREE cdr compliments of VNA that will be given away with orders when you purchase from RRRecords and Deadline Recordings in the near future. They are both by Churner and one of them is released on a VNA sub-label called WALL OF SOUND features mainly Harsh Noise Walls on all three tracks...hopefully there is not to much variation in it to keep the purest's interested in it.


Crawl Back In - Hang All Hope From the Nearest Tree (C-22 tape) Extreme Doom Metal from Sweden. Limited to 100 copies. FALL 2010