Thursday, December 30, 2010

Goodbye 2010....2011 is going to kick your ass.

As the year comes to an end, i would like to say this has been the best year yet for Violent Noise Atrocities. 2011 is going to be a lot different, with more focus on tape releases with some surprises in store as being the first vinyl release....which at present time will be a Churner split  7" lathe (limited to 50 copies - artist to be determined)

The fall of 2011 will also bring a massive and epic Churner 10 tape box set....present plans are the following for it....
 2 C-10 tapes
2 C-30 tapes
 2 C-50 tapes
 2 C-60 tapes
2 C-110 tapes
This will be limited to 24 copies and will probably also be followed by 10 disc cdr box set.
New releases out right now!
Churner / Paregorik - The Deadening of Leaves  (cdr)
Churner - Storms of Destiny  (4 tape box set)
Faux Pas - Den Vanskelige Seksualmoralen (C-30 pro tape)
Please check the "store" section for more titles!

Monday, October 11, 2010


The Catastrophic Trio / A.R.U. - Ear Corrosion (split C-10 tape)
Churner / Endometrium Cuntlplow - Dirt Nap Diaries 2 (split C-10 tape)
Bodies Floating In the Bay - The Mourning (3" cdr)

All are limited to 24 copies.

Churner will NOT performing at Dead Audio Fest 2010 in Houston, Texas November 12th and 13th. Due to job commitments that i cannot get out of i had to cancel. Copies of a promo-compilation cdr that i had planned to give out at the show will still be put in with all orders.

still available...

Faux Pas - Den Vanskelige Seksualmoralen (C-30 pro tape)
Casket At the Altar / Dim Dusk Moving Gloom - Curse of the Baphomet (double C-20 tape set)
Black Chapel - Begin...Darkness (C-20 tape)
Mutant Gender Relationship - Rituals of Seduction (C-47 tape)
Churner - Static Beauty (cdr)
Churner - Florescent Bondage (cdr and C-47 tape)
Churner - Death Addict: Methoddity II (cdr)

Coming in December

Churner / Paregorik - The Deadening of Leaves (split cdr)

Coming up in 2011

Churner - Storms of Destiny (4 tape C-50 boxset)

The Catastrophic Trio will release their first full-length album next fall....tentatively titled Humming A Rotten Song. Expect nothing but violent Power Electronics combined with harsh noise, not for the timid.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Faux Pas - Den Vanskelige Seksualmoralen (C-30 pro tape)
Casket At the Altar / Dim Dusk Moving Gloom - Curse of the Baphomet (double C-20 tape set)
Black Chapel - Begin...Darkness (C-20 tape)
Mutant Gender Relationship - Rituals of Seduction (C-47 tape)

Sound samples available at:

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Faux Pas - Den Vanskelige Seksualmoralen (C-30 tape) is now available to order.

$6.00 North America (shipping included)

$8.00 Rest of the World

This is a co-release with Destructive Industries and limited to 100 copies (pro dubbed tapes). Each label has 50 copies.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Violent Noise Atrocities is proud to announce that we will be representing the Italian label Urashima Records at Eyes Behind the Wall Fest in Texas on August 13th and 14th.

The following titles will be available for $20 each

Werewolf Jerusalem - Black Chapel (vinyl)
Vice Wears Black Hose - Part 3
Alo Girl / Last Rape - split (vinyl)
An Innocent Young Throat Cutter - Mrs. Wardh (vinyl)
The Rita / Alo Girl - Collaboration (vinyl)
Fouke / Is / The Rita / Vomir - HNW (vinyl)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 2010 Update


August 13th and 14th

Houston, Texas

Super Happy Funland

For information:

There will be a special discounted price of $5.00 on the Vice Wears Black Hose "Part 2" cd. So if you have not gotten it yet and will be at the festival, please make sure to pick up a copy.


LOTUS BAZOOKA 7:55-8:10pm
BIOLOGICAL GIRL 8:20-8:35pm *biological girl is Hierchiss.
INSURGENT 8:45-9:00pm
BAST 9:35-9:50
FATALE 10:00-10:15
VARGRWULF 10:25-10:40
TASKMASTER 10:50-11:10
THE RITA 11:20-11:40
BEING 11:50-12:05am
ASCITES 12:15-12:30am *with guest Thomas Mortigan of RU-486
FOUKE 1:05am-1:20am
SKONHET 1:30-1:50
INFIRMARY 2:00-2:15am (current VNA Recordings artist)


RUSALKA 7:50-8:10
OBLIVE 8:20-8:35
SUNCARCASS 9:10-9:25
RACK 9:35-9:50
SVARTVIT 10:00-10:20
THE WHITEHORSE 10:30-10:45
IS 10:55-11:10
PAINFUL VIGIL 11:20-11:35
SLAUGHTER-FETUS 12:10-12:25am
(current VNA Recordings artist's)
GODLESS GIRL 1:00-1:15am
CHURNER 1:25-1:40 (VNA Recordings artist)
BACHIR GEMAYEL 1:50-2:05am


Circuit Wound / Hostage Pageant - split (cdr)
Hostage Pageant / Churner - split (cdr)
Churner / NRYY - Japamericanese Noise Destruction Seminar (cdr)
Richard Ramirez / Churner - split (Double C-10 tape box)


Faux Pas - Den Vanskelige Seksualmoralen (C-30 tape) Limited to 100 copies, this is also a co-release with Destructive Industries.

Churner - As the Eyes Starred Back At Me (cdr)
Churner - The Pain Gallery (cdr)
Sensible Nectar / Casket At the Altar (double C-30 tape box) Limited to 30

The Following titles will be available strictly at Eyes Behind the Wall Fest

Churner - Rancid Divine (Biz Card cdr)
Limited to 25 and FREE

Churner - Whisper (C-20 double cassette vinyl box)
Churner - Dauerlärm (C-110 tape)

Each tape release is limited to 12 copies and features some of the harshest wall noise from Churner yet!

Friday, May 14, 2010

VNA News

May 16th, 2010 - Upcoming releases in June and July

The Audio Cassette Rapist - Tape Rape: Volume One - This is perhaps a "one off" project of Churner. Take a "How To Speak Spanish" it through various processors (molesting) it through even more processors...and you have Tape Rape: Volume One. This release pays tribute to the RRRecords "Recycled" Series in a lot of ways. All copies will be dubbed onto used cassettes with used boxes. Limited to 25 copies featuring exotic "silver" tape artwork.

Churner / NRYY - Japamericanese Noise Destruction Seminar (cdr) - 72 minutes of extreme violent noise from Churner and NRYY. Speaker damage will more than likely occur....but play it loud anyway to get the full effect. Limited to 30 copies

Play Motel - selftitled (C-10 double tape set) Limited to 30 copies

Mongrel - tba (3" cdr in a 12" cardboard record sleeve, "over the top" does not even start to describe this) Limited to 25 copies.

Churner - Throbbing Silencer (C-47 tape)

Churner - The Eyes Starred Back At Me (cdr)

Churner / Aural Resusitation Unit - split (C-10 tape)

The Catastrophic Trio / tba - split (C-10 tape)

Circuit Wound / Hostage Pageant - split (cdr)

Churner / Hostage Pageant - split (cdr)


There will also be a FREE cdr compliments of VNA that will be given away with orders when you purchase from RRRecords and Deadline Recordings in the near future. They are both by Churner and one of them is released on a VNA sub-label called WALL OF SOUND features mainly Harsh Noise Walls on all three tracks...hopefully there is not to much variation in it to keep the purest's interested in it.


Crawl Back In - Hang All Hope From the Nearest Tree (C-22 tape) Extreme Doom Metal from Sweden. Limited to 100 copies. FALL 2010