Monday, October 11, 2010


The Catastrophic Trio / A.R.U. - Ear Corrosion (split C-10 tape)
Churner / Endometrium Cuntlplow - Dirt Nap Diaries 2 (split C-10 tape)
Bodies Floating In the Bay - The Mourning (3" cdr)

All are limited to 24 copies.

Churner will NOT performing at Dead Audio Fest 2010 in Houston, Texas November 12th and 13th. Due to job commitments that i cannot get out of i had to cancel. Copies of a promo-compilation cdr that i had planned to give out at the show will still be put in with all orders.

still available...

Faux Pas - Den Vanskelige Seksualmoralen (C-30 pro tape)
Casket At the Altar / Dim Dusk Moving Gloom - Curse of the Baphomet (double C-20 tape set)
Black Chapel - Begin...Darkness (C-20 tape)
Mutant Gender Relationship - Rituals of Seduction (C-47 tape)
Churner - Static Beauty (cdr)
Churner - Florescent Bondage (cdr and C-47 tape)
Churner - Death Addict: Methoddity II (cdr)

Coming in December

Churner / Paregorik - The Deadening of Leaves (split cdr)

Coming up in 2011

Churner - Storms of Destiny (4 tape C-50 boxset)

The Catastrophic Trio will release their first full-length album next fall....tentatively titled Humming A Rotten Song. Expect nothing but violent Power Electronics combined with harsh noise, not for the timid.