Churner - The Body Dump (4 cdr box set)  VNA-128

Churner - A Grave For Their Remains (4 cdr box set) VNA-127

Black Leather Jesus / Pollutive Static - split 7" vinyl : VNA-129 (LIMITED TO 300 COPIES)


Churner / Soma - Sonic Brutality (C-05, C-30 tape set)VNA-122

Where Is This - Swimming Knives (C-30 tape) 24 copies  VNA-125

Dead Body Collection / Phantom Rib - Split (double C-30 boxset)  VNA-126


Churner - Complications In Face Removal (2 cdr set)
Its all here...Guitar based harsh noise (track 1) Harsh Noise Walls (track 2 and 3), Angry Power Electronics (track 4)...then the moody 2 and a half hours of chaos ends with the creepy ambient, then harsh finishing title track.

Churner / Rubbish - Life Is Cheap, But Death Is Free (C10 tape)

Churner - Large Objects In Small Places (2 tape C-30 boxset)


Churner - Further Down the Wall (2 C-30 tape box set) LIMITED TO 12 COPIES

Fuck Patrol - Contact (3" cdr)

Churner / Fecal Dam - Rectum Wreckage (C-30 tape)

Churner / Hostage Pageant - Breaking At Any Moment (C-10 tape) 

NRYY / Churner - Japamericanese Noise Destruction Seminar II (C-47 tape)

Dead Body Collection / Churner - A Body Was All That Was Left  (C-30 tape)

Faux Pas - Den Vanskelige Seksualmoralen (C-30 pro-tape)

Vice Wears Black Hose (Pro cd)

VNA-077   Churner - Florescent Bondage   (cdr)

Churner - Shadow Voyeurs  (2 cdr set)

Churner - Static Beauty (cdr)

Churner - As the Eyes Starred Back At Me (cdr)

Churner - Vulturistic (cdr)

Churner - Boneyard (cdr)