Sunday, March 6, 2011

May 2011

Fuck Patrol - Contact
Debut release from a new project featuring Wall Noise God Richard Ramirez and Mark Ward (Where Is This).  This will be a 3" cdr limited to 50 copies. Total fucking Harsh Noise Wall brutality of the most painful kind.

Churner / Fecal Dam - Rectum Wreckage (C-30 tape)
Yes...its as brutal and nasty as the title sounds. 15 minutes of total destruction by each artist. Your soundtrack to a really bad half hour on the toilet.

Churner / Hostage Pageant - Breaking At Any Moment (C-10 tape)
Churner - The Great Wall of Churner (10 tape boxset)
Limited to 10 copies. This consists of the most minimal and unchanging material that Churner has done yet. All sound sources coming from a broken ART Tube Pre-amp. The pre-amp pretty much created a majority of all the changes that you will hear....lots of broken static and at some points....the wall almost "stops" because it has become so broken up.

Churner - Further Down the Wall (3 tape boxset)
A continuation of where The Great Wall of Churner left off.  
JUNE 2011
Churner - Large Objects In Small Places (2 tape set)
HNW's done the Churner way. 

Churner - Violent Collision (cdr)

Black Leather Jesus / Pollutive Static - (no title yet)  7" vinyl  (limited to 300 copies)

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