VNA-001 Churner - visions From Another World (part 1) SOLD OUT
VNA-002 Churner - Visions From Another World (part 2) SOLD OUT
VNA-003 RU-486 - Filth Fantasies (C-10 tape)  SOLD OUT
VNA-004 Churner / Doldis - To Strangle Every Joy SOLD OUT
VNA-005 Churner - Visions From Another World (part 3) SOLD OUT
VNA-006 Churner - Visions From Another World (part 4)SOLD OUT
VNA-007 SOMA - Until the End of the World SOLD OUT
VNA-008 Churner - Visions from Another World (part 5)SOLD OUT
VNA-009 RKF / Churner - Poisoned Emissions From the Apocalypse Factory SOLD OUT
VNA-010 Doldis - Fear and Revulsion (C-15 tape) SOLD OUT
VNA-011 Churner - Visions from Another World (part 6)SOLD OUT
VNA-012 STUG 218 - Order 218 (C-54 tape) SOLD OUT
VNA-013 Churner - Scrap Metal Redemption (C-05 tape)SOLD OUT
VNA-014 Innocent Young Throat Cutter / EEE / Das Etat Museum - 3 way split SOLD OUT
VNA-015 Kenji Siratori - Kinbaku  SOLD OUT
VNA-016 Doldis / Churner - Ruined Lives Are Normal (C-10 tape) SOLD OUT
VNA-017 Assholemouthhead - Filthy (C-15 tape) SOLD OUT
VNA-018 Doldis / SOMA - split cd SOLD OUT
VNA-019 Churner - Machine Trauma (C-10 tape)SOLD OUT
VNA-020 Churner / Endometrium Cuntplow - Dirt Nap Diary (split cd) SOLD OUT
VNA-021 RU-486 - Colonial Battery (C-05 tape) SOLD OUT
VNA-022 RU-486 - Filth Fantasies (C-10 tape) REISSUE   SOLD OUT
VNA-023 STUG 218 - Order 218 (cdr version) SOLD OUT
VNA-024 Boar/ARU - Live (tour only cdr) SOLD OUT
VNA-025 Churner - Sleep Mode (4 cdr boxset)
VNA-026 Churner - Machines of Annihilation (4 cdr boxset)
VNA-027 Doldis / Endometrium Cuntplow - Feeding A Closing Space SOLD OUT
VNA-028 Churner - Xuuum SOLD OUT
VNA-029 Churner - Body Cavities (C-10 tape) SOLD OUT
VNA-030 Churner - Xxuum SOLD OUT
VNA-031 Churner - Xxuum'r SOLD OUT
VNA-032 Churner - Spirit Defector
VNA-033 Flesh Garden - Abandon All Hope SOLD OUT
VNA-034 Churner - Gravitational Sound Smasher (c-5 2 tape box) SOLD OUT
VNA-035 Churner - Throat Demon (cdr and c-54 tape)  TAPE IS SOLD OUT
VNA-036 Churner - Terminal Disorder
VNA-037 Churner - Casket Infection
VNA-038 Churner - Static Beauty
VNA-039 S.O.C.C. - Harmony Rapist
VNA-040 Vice Wears Black Hose - Part Two (Pro cd) Limited to 500 copies
VNA-041 Toby Dammit - Satanik (C-46 tape) SOLD OUT
VNA-042 The Sick Tour - Five Across the Eyes (C-20 tape) SOLD OUT
VNA-043 S.T.U.G. 218 - CultTural (C-60 tape) SOLD OUT
VNA-044 S.T.U.G. 218 - Deterioriate Opiate (C-60 tape) SOLD OUT
VNA-045 Churner - Acidic Afterglow (C-30 tape)SOLD OUT
VNA-046 Churner - Road Noise One (C-60 tape) SOLD OUT
VNA-047 SOMA / Metek - Wall Destroyer SOLD OUT
VNA-048 Churner - Methoddity SOLD OUT
VNA-049 Churner - Static Beauty (C-46 tape in vinyl cassette album) SOLD OUT
VNA-050 Churner - A Beginners Guide to Churner  (free cdr given away at Dead Audio Fest 2009)
VNA-051 Churner - Static Beauty (C-46) SOLD OUT
VNA-052 Churner - Analog Diaries: part I (C-30 tape) SOLD OUT
VNA-053 Churner - Oscillating Drone Noise (3" inch)
VNA-054 Black Leather Jesus - Crawl For Your Groom (C-60 4 tape boxset) SOLD OUT
VNA-055 RU-486 / Churner - split (c-05 tape) SOLD OUT
VNA-056 Churner - A Life of Noise SOLD OUT 
VNA-057 Bodies Floating In the Bay - The Glimmer of Darkness SOLD OUT
VNA-058 Churner - Isolation SOLD OUT
VNA-059 Horde of Midnight - Horder of Midnight (3" cdr) SOLD OUT
VNA-060 Churner - Psalms of Aggression (2-cdr set) SOLD OUT
VNA-061 Churner - Vulturistic
VNA-062 Churner - The Virus Code
VNA-063 Alo Girl - Curettage (C-10 tape) Limited to 50 copies SOLD OUT
VNA-064 Churner - Corrosive
VNA-065 The Catastrophic Trio - self-titled (C-10 tape) SOLD OUT
VNA-066 Churner - Adhesive
VNA-067 Nurse Unit - Forced Sex In Uniform (C-10 tape) SOLD OUT
VNA-068 Churner - Sandstorming
VNA-069 Churner - Coffin Angel
VNA-070 Churner - Against the Grains (3" cdr)
VNA-071 Churner - Road Noise: Two SOLD OUT 
VNA-072 Casket At the Altar - A Soul For the Offering (C-30) SOLD OUT
VNA-073 Churner / Sigulda - split (3" cdr) SOLD OUT
VNA-074 Torturing Nurse / Assholemouthead - Brain-Degrader (C-60) SOLD OUT
VNA-075 Churner / Alo Girl - selftitled (double C-20 tape box set) SOLD OUT
VNA-076 Supernatural Apparatus - Sanctions Against the Unknown (2 C-20 boxset) SOLD OUT
VNA-077 Churner - Florescent Bondage (C-47 tape / cdr)
VNA-078 Churner - The Green Box (4 cdr set) SOLD OUT
VNA-079 Churner - Constructive Damage
VNA-080 Churner - The Red Box (4 cdr set) SOLD OUT
VNA-081 Churner - Death Addict: Methoddity II 
VNA-082 Churner - Devastation...With Effects (double C-90 tape set)  SOLD OUT
VNA-083 Churner - Destructive Mood Swings
VNA-084 Churner / Infirmary - split  (C-30 tape)  SOLD OUT
VNA-085 Churner - Boneyard 
VNA-086Mutant Gender Relationship - Rituals of Seduction (C-47 tape)  SOLD OUT
VNA-087 Richard Ramirez / Churner - split (double C-10 tape set) SOLD OUT
VNA-088 Play Motel - self-titled  (double C-10 tape set)  SOLD OUT
VNA-089 Churner - Throbbing Silencer  (C-47 tape and cdr)
VNA-090 Churner - Demolition Chamber    SOLD OUT
VNA-091 Churner / NRYY - Japamericanese Noise Destruction Seminar   SOLD OUT
VNA-092 Churner - The Pain Gallery (cdr)
VNA-093 Churner - Resounding Discomfort (double C-20 tape box)  SOLD OUT
VNA-094 Churner - As the Eyes Starred Back At Me
VNA-095 Churner - Whisper (double C-20 tape box)  Limited to 12 copies  SOLD OUT
VNA-096 Churner - Dauerlärm  (C-110 tape) Limited To 12 Copies SOLD OUT
VNA-097 Faux Pas - Den Vanskelige Seksualmoralen (C-30 tape)  Limited to 100 copies
VNA-098 Circuit Wound / Hostage Pageant - split  SOLD OUT
VNA-099 Churner / Hostage Pageant - split  SOLD OUT
VNA-100 Churner - Shadow Voyeurs (2 cdr set)
VNA-101 Casket At the Altar / Dim Dusk Moving Gloom - Curse of the Baphomet  SOLD OUT
VNA-102 Churner - Rancid Divine (biz card) Limited to 50 OUT OF PRINT
VNA-103 Churner / Paregorik - The Deadening of Leaves 
VNA-104 Bodies Floating In the Bay - The Mourning  (3" cdr) SOLD OUT
VNA-105 The Catastrophic Trio / A.R.U. - Ear Corrosion (C-10 tape) SOLD OUT 
VNA-106 Black Chapel - Begin...Darkness (C-20 tape)  SOLD OUT
VNA-107 Churner / Endometrium Cuntplow - Dirt Nap Diaries 2 (C-10 tape)
VNA-108 Churner - Storms of Destiny (C-50 4 tape box set)
VNA-109 Churner / NRYY - Japamericanese Noise Destruction Seminar - part 2  (C-47 tape)
VNA-110 Churner - The Great Wall of Churner (10 tape box set)  SOLD OUT
VNA-111 Churner - Further Down the Wall (2 tape C-30 box set) SOLD OUT
VNA-112 Churner -2011 Buyer's Guide To... (Limited to 200 copies)
VNA-113 Churner - Large Objects In Small Places (2 tape C-30 box set)    SOLD OUT
VNA-114 Churner / Dead Body Collection - A Body Was All That Was Left (C-30 tape)  SOLD OUT
VNA-115 Fuck Patrol - Contact (3" cdr)  
VNA-116 Churner / Rubbish - Life Is Cheap...But Death Is Free (C-10 tape)
VNA-117 Churner / Fecal Dam - Rectum Wreckage (C-30 tape)
VNA-118 Churner - Complications From Face Removal (2 cdr set)
VNA-119 Churner / Hostage Pageant - Breaking At Any Moment (C-10 tape)
VNA-120 Churner - Static Collision (C-60 tape)
VNA-121 Churner - Live At Eyes Behind the Wall 2  (mini-cdr)  Limited to 50 Copies
VNA-122 Churner / SOMA - Sonic Brutality (C-05, C-30 two tape set)
VNA-123 Churner - Rancid Divine 2 (Biz-card cdr)
VNA-124 Churner - The Grand Wall of Churner (24 cdr boxset) 
VNA-125 Where Is This - Swimming Knives (C-30 tape) 
VNA-126 Dead Body Collection / Phantom Rib (double C-30 tape box set) SOLD OUT
VNA-127 Churner - A Grave For Their Remains (4 cdr box set)
VNA-128 Churner - The Body Dump (4 cdr box set)
VNA-129 Black Leather Jesus / Pollutive Static - selftitled    (7" vinyl - LIMITED TO 300 COPIES)
VNA-130 Churner - Filth Cleanser (Bandcamp download)
VNA-131 Churner - Pause (Bandcamp download)
VNA-132 Churner - Static Divine (Bandcamp download)
VNA-133 Churner - Burial Grounds (Bandcamp download)
VNA-135 Dead Body Collection - I'd Fallen Before, But It Never Hurt Like This (3" cdr)